Flash Flood Damage

Tuesday was a busy day for us. We had a rather complicated plumbing repair (one that took three trips to the hardware store to complete) but it was finally done and we were ready for a cup of tea on the porch.

Making Seeds - Blue Columbines

It was a lovely cup of tea. The irises are just coming into bloom and all around the garden there are patches of color - columbines, cottage pinks, Siberian wallflowers, forget me nots. The radar showed that a small patch of heavy rain was on its way, and as we finished our tea it started.

Then the weather got bad. The radar showed a second small system forming behind the first. Rain got heavier. Lightning hit somewhere close and fried our electric fence charger. Cable internet went out and we lost our ability to monitor the radar. Rain got heavier. And heavier. And still heavier. Lightning was close and just blinding as it flashed. And then...



Flash Flood! - As Frightening As It Looks

This is what a flash flood looks like. One minute the back yard is fine, and then suddenly it's under 18 - 24 inches of water. I was going to write a little bit here, explaining this and that about how our land drains and where all this water came from, but as I started writing I realized just how incredibly exhausted I am from the past two days. I think let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is what it looked like at 7:14 PM, on Tuesday, May 10. The flood video has audio so can hear me describe the situation. You can also hear what a flash flood sounds like.



25 Minutes Later - This Is A Lot Of Water

At 7:39 PM we were still in deep water. I didn't get a video of the box turtle that I rescued - but he seemed really happy that someone lifted him out of the flood waters. I don't even know how long the water stayed at this level. We were out working in that water flow until 10:30 PM. By the time we stopped we were cold, wet (of course), exhausted, and ready for dinner and a hot shower.

There was still substantial flooding when we went to sleep but it looked like we weren't going to swamp the porch unless we got more rains. We did get more heavy rains through the night and we got up to keep an eye on the water level. Most of the night was spent with water levels and flow similar to what you see in this video.



The Next Morning - What A Mess

It's going to be a big clean up. The culvert is totally blocked and now under a load of clay and shale rock. The back yard is a gooey mess - but Diva the Rottweiler has found the dry spot. Junior dog Georgia Rae is not a fan of the silt and mud.